Thoughts: Living in Singapore

A speech given by someone recently mentioned that the current generation of Singaporeans entering the workforce is no longer able to aspire to the kind of life we were told about as kids. The cost of living has risen at such an alarming rate that many of the things that were within reach of our parents’ generation are no longer feasible for us. Naturally, the solution for this is to bring in more people to place an even bigger strain on the few resources we’ve got left.

The grass is always greener, we know the hard truths behind the reality of that. The thing is though, I’ll be lucky if I move out before I’m 35 and qualify for government-sponsored housing. And who’s to say that by the time I get there, that there will be any decent places left to live on my budget? I won’t even get into buying a car because I will never waste at least four years worth of hard-earned money on something I could get for a 2 month salary in another country. There are a thousand more fulfilling ways to spend that kind of money.

So maybe I’m just not seeing the “bigger picture” that the powers that be (a.k.a. the Government) want me to see, but it’s going to take a lot more than bringing in more people to make a believer out of me and convince me to stay. It feels a lot like Singapore is now a haven to the wealthy, and those people have forgotten or care very little about the rest of us struggling to build our futures.

I have to say, I didn’t miss too much while I was away those 18 months, and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if something happens in the next five years to change my mind.


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