Beauty: My Favourite Dry Shampoo

alyssadoesthings dry shampooSo here’s a thing I didn’t discover until I moved away for University.

Most, if not all of us, have gone to sleep with promises to ourselves to wake up early the next morning in order to wash our hair. And most of us, at some point in time, have broken that promise to ourselves.

When you live on campus, just ten minutes away from your classes in the mornings, the time washing hair would require is not worth it when you just have a 2 hour lecture to attend. A friend introduced me to the stuff (we went to Priceline because she decided she wanted some, and I’d seen it mentioned once on the Style channel and decided to get a bottle for myself).

My feelings on dry shampoo? A MUST-HAVE. Especially when you live in a humid country and more often than not find yourself in a situation where your hair looks a little too straggly or oily for your liking and you have somewhere to be without time to wash your hair.

Generally, I just spray where my hair looks oiliest and wait a minute before brushing it out.

Now for the brands:

  • FUDGE: The brand I bought initially (Fudge?? What kind of a name for hair products is Fudge?) was completely unknown to me, and the smell was not exactly pleasant. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t something I’d be comfortable having in my hair if I was about to get cozy with someone. It was the brand we picked up because we had a very limited array of options. It feels a little matted when in your hair, though it looks pretty okay.
  • DOVE: This one I picked up from a CVS when I was in Boston. The smell on this one is amazing. I used it several times at the end of the day in the office during my Internship at a magazine (going out after work for events or drinks requires at least a little freshening up) and got compliments from people around me about how nice it smelled. The only issue I have with this one is that your hair feels like it has dry shampoo. Again, slightly matted once the stuff is in there and your hair might feel a little powdery if you run your fingers through it. It looks great, though. So. As long as no one is going to be playing with your hair, this one works perfectly.
  • GARNIER: The Garnier Fructis line is one of the best things I stumbled across while I was in Australia. I use the Pure Shine shampoo (paraben & silicone-free!) and I may never use another shampoo again. Until I run out. While I was back in Australia for graduation I picked up this Garnier dry shampoo from a priceline and it is now the BEST dry shampoo I have experienced. It smells pretty decent, and seems a little unassuming at first spray. One of the things I love about it is that my hair looks clean after, like i’ve just blowdried it, instead of the limp/oily head of hair I had a minute prior. And the very best part? My hair feels like it is product-free!

Fudge Dove Garnier fructis dry shampoo

Garnier Fructis dry shampoo is my favourite of the lot, though right now the Dove is a decent second place. I’ll make another post if I ever find one that surpasses the Garnier dry shampoo, but it’ll have to be very impressive and also worth the value.

*All three were bought using my own money and are what I’d consider very reasonable on a student budget.


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